a midwest wedding weekend 

We journeyed home to Indiana this past weekend for the very special celebration of our friends’ wedding. Our travel was made complicated by a cancelled flight and swollen ankles, but we made it in time and in roaring spirits for the festivities! I was a bridesmaid, so the weekend was consumed by bridesmaid get-togethers, rehearsals, and dancing the night away.

It was made even more special by the fact that our friends were married at our Alma Mater, DePauw University, the best little place in Indiana. Mike and I met there ten years ago this fall and it was so fun to be back for a few days. The campus is so beautiful, and it’s the perfect spot for a wedding, alumni or otherwise. While you may not find yourself yearning for a reason to visit Greencastle, Indiana, I hope you appreciate the few pictures that we snapped of the wedding and around campus at our old hangouts.

Lavender for bridesmaid bouquets. They smelled amazing. For our little gift bags at the Inn they included lavender scones for us to enjoy which were amazing. 


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