little things this week. 

A few little things that brightened my week and the memories that go with them.

1. This puppy disguised as a pillow…

because she was sad about the week, but now it’s Friday!

2. This new notebook…

for keeping everything organized from baby Charlie needs to weekly meals to school to-do’s.

3. This rainy scene…

because some days it’s gloomy, even in the sunshine state.

4. These airport fortunes…

because I’m thinking both may be true.

5. This tiny cup of iced morning joe…

because it got me through the first week of early morning waking.

A few other little things that may pique your interest:

by my idol.

they’re not actually babies and they’re pure evil.

to bake.

depression and smartphones.

our blue mind.

hilarious #foodfilms.




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