usHi! My name is Em Metroka, the writer behind This Sunny Day. I started this blog in October 2014 as a way to review and talk about books under the name Wendy Can’t Read (Wendy is our little pup – and no, she can’t read). This goes right along with my career as a Children’s Librarian. I found that as much as I love to read and talk about books, writing reviews felt like work for me.

My husband, Mike, and I got married in August of 2014, and live way down in South Florida – far from family and friends in Indiana. So I started writing more about our life, and my love of the little things in life in order to update dear ones who live far away and as a way to chronicle our life. I’ve always been fascinated with memory keeping, and this spot on the internet is the perfect way to keep track and look back at all the big and tiny things in our life – not to mention that it keeps us thinking about all we have to be grateful for. Since starting the blog, we’ve gotten married, changed jobs, bought a house, and we welcomed a baby, Charlie, in October 2017! In South Florida the sun shines warmly and brightly year round – we’d love to have you follow along with our sunny days!


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