sunday rainy sunday.

This Sunday brought:

hours of rain, a sprint from church to the car by the husband, and a roadside pick up for me, freshly baked banana bread and granola for the week, a candle burning with a tiny glass of iced coffee, 90’s jamz and dancing with the puppy, a sparkling clean fridge, a steamy post-rain jaunt around the neighborhood, a call home to mom and dad, a warm cooked meal for dinner with leftovers to spare, a closet full of clean laundry and an early bedtime planned to stock up z’s for the long week ahead. 

What did your Sunday bring? 

little things this week. 

a few little things that brightened my week and the memories that go with them.

1. this found on the road bench…

because with a little water and elbow grease, it’s an upgrade from our current found bench on the front porch.

2. these reusable produce bags…

for helping us keep our monthly habit resolutions.

3. this sweet gift from a friend…

because it’s pulling on my baby heartstrings.

4. these supplies…

for a new little project.

5. this freshly cut goodness…

for making a dinner this week delicious.

A few other little things from around the web:

protesting and is it worth it?

to read.

i became a mother in that chair.

she’s jubilant. i’m proud.

to bake.

weekend plan.

beans for beef.