one month with charlie.

The month has flown, but has also felt like Charlie has been with us forever. I suppose that’s how it feels when things are as they should be. A month in the life of a newborn is incredible if you look at the beginning to the end. Charlie is already smiling, holding his head up for a few long seconds, losing all of his hair and winning his battle against baby acne. At the beginning of his month of life he couldn’t even open his eyes! My camera roll is so full of everything that we’ve experienced with Charlie this month. So many things to share!


waiting on baby…


Our hospital bag is packed. Our freezer is stuffed silly with homemade, cozy meals and baked goods for the tender first weeks with baby, and I can’t think of another thing to do other than wait for Charlie to make his inevitable and *hopefully* quick arrival into the world. He’s only a few days late to his birthday party, so we’re trying our hardest to wait patiently, but the line between patient and impatient is becoming increasingly thin. In the meantime, we’re also cherishing these last days together because we know they’ll never be quite the same after our little guy makes his appearance.