thirty three weeks. 

I’m midway through the third trimester and it’s getting mighty hard to flip from one side to the other each night in bed. It’s also getting more and more awkward to get out of my cross-legged perch on the floor. Mike grabs my hand and heaves me up off the floor every night after dinner so I can make my twentieth trip to the bathroom. I may be stuck for hours if it weren’t for him. I’ve graduated to wearing his tees because mine have started leaving an embarrassing gap of belly showing between bottoms and tops.

The games of one person soccer are more intense by week because our little guy is getting cramped in his quarters. I can tell now if it’s a foot or a hand, and the braxton-hicks are ramping up. All signs that this little peanut is going to be held in our arms before we know it.

We have lots of “what-if” conversations just for the sake of getting each other’s perspective. We had one the other night on our post-dinner constitutional around the neighborhood. “What if Charlie decided to come tomorrow? Would you feel ready?” We still have seven weeks to go before our due date, but it’s one of those things you think about. My answer was a “yes but…” and I listed off the two things that would worry me – not having the car seat base installed or even taken out of the box, and not having diapers. No one will argue that those are two absolute necessities.

So, Mike took the initiative and decided to ease my heart. He did both things for me this week. He installed the car seat base in my car, and we ordered our last couple of things, including diapers, that we actually need not want for Charlie’s arrival. Now, I have not a worry in my mind, and I can say that we are really and truly ready and incredibly excited should Charlie decide to make an improbable early arrival.

baby talk: the crib


The successful putting together of the (hand-me-down) crib for our impending bundle feels like something that needs to be documented. Right? It’s like a pre-parenting rite of passage. Or maybe it was more of a pre-parenting test of patience. We were gifted our new to us crib from Mike’s sister, who has decided that four kids is probably enough. She and her husband were gifted the crib from Mike’s uncle who put his two kids through the crib. So Baby Charlie will be the seventh child to love the crib as his own.

Hand-me-downs are much loved in our house, but they come with their quirks. As this crib has been around the block, it came with zero assembly instructions, a baggie full of mystery hardware, and five pieces of shiny, dark brown wood that looked totally out of place in our whitewashed beach house. Eek!

BUT we’ve never let those kinds of things stop us before. As I mentioned, we are lovers of hand-me-downs and used goods. I’m an avid goodwill shopper, and Mike is a pro at finding furniture on the side of the road with some potential. We’ve gotten most of our furniture on the side of the road or on craigslist, fixed it up with a coat of paint or some new upholstery, and gave it a loving home. Rarely do we buy things new, and with a baby, we didn’t want to change our habits completely. There are some things that you do have to buy new for a baby (carseat, binkies, diapers!), but we’re trying to keep to our pre-baby habits and the crib was an easy yes.

So what did we do for this sore thumb of a crib? We (Mike) slapped a few coats of baby-safe spray paint on the crib, we talked out the construction, googled similar crib assembly instructions and got. it. done. Teamwork makes the dream work, people. I’m hoping that this bodes well for our team parenting future.



Poor Mike had to do all the bending over for this job. Usually I love getting my hands dirty, but this was a Mike job all the way considering my delicate state. I got a good one here, you guys. Next up is that painting on the wall behind the crib. My wheels they are a-turnin.