sunday rainy sunday.

This Sunday brought:

hours of rain, a sprint from church to the car by the husband, and a roadside pick up for me, freshly baked banana bread and granola for the week, a candle burning with a tiny glass of iced coffee, 90’s jamz and dancing with the puppy, a sparkling clean fridge, a steamy post-rain jaunt around the neighborhood, a call home to mom and dad, a warm cooked meal for dinner with leftovers to spare, a closet full of clean laundry and an early bedtime planned to stock up z’s for the long week ahead. 

What did your Sunday bring? 


hide and seek.

There’s a lizard on the loose in our house. The tiniest little gecko. Even smaller than my pinkie finger. I’ve seen him no less than six times, and know he’s been roaming the house for at least a week. When I spot him I keep my eyes fixed on him for as long as I can, willing him to stay still. We’ve taken to leaving a plastic container out on the bookcase for just this purpose. Gecko rescuing. I take my eyes off of him for a split second to grab the container, but when I look back… He’s already gone.

I spotted him yesterday when I got home from school. He was waiting in the entryway. I wonder if he was trying to find a way out through the door, or if he was just enjoying the patch of sun. Or was he waiting for me to come home and play our game of hide and seek? I tried to move slowly toward the bookshelf to get the container, but it was no use with Wendy begging for her hellos. He darted under the couch where I couldn’t see him. I got down on my very pregnant hands and knees, but he was already hidden out of sight. He’s better at this game than I am.