a small, happy life: the midday meal


The weekday lunch. That half hour blip in the middle of our days. Many think of it as a luxury that they have no time for, but to me, lunch-time is sacred.  Every day, no matter if I am at home or at work, I take time to stop what I’m doing, fix myself something filling and delightful, and I sit down with a book to read while I’m enjoying my meal. It’s a wholly selfish half hour, just as it should be.

With school starting next week, I’m starting to think through how my daily routine is going to shift from the summer and one of those shifts is lunch. I’m able to rouse through the fridge for lunch options galore all through the summer, but my lunches for school have to be packed away before leaving for school each day. It takes a little bit of extra forethought. But that little bit of extra daily planning is so worth it. Mike and I’s lunches are always leftovers from dinner. I could write a whole post about the glories of the leftover lunch. Ah, to eat something hot and from home during your day. It’s like a warm hug from home.

Every morning or the night before if we’re really on top of things, lunches are tucked into a mason jar, and when the time comes around, it gets heated up in my microwave, and consumed on the couch in my office with my feet flung up on a chair and a book in hand. I even shut my door so I’m not interrupted during the sacred break-time. I know people walk by and think, “Oh, that librarian, she’s got it good. I don’t even have time to think about lunch.” The truth is that I have plenty of things I could and probably should be doing, but I find that I really need that half hour in my day to not think about anything but my book and my food. If it’s nice out then I’ll tote my lunch outside and enjoy it in the sun. I’d rather stay after school an extra half hour to finish things up than miss my midday break.

Maybe it is a luxury, but it’s one that I have no qualms taking advantage of. Nor should you, reader! Whether your idea of a great lunch is sitting down with your co-worker friends and chatting during your break, or it’s catching up on news, blogs, or facebook on the computer, then take it. If you find joy in the sandwich shop around the corner, then go there! You’ll come back to your desk revived, and ready to focus back on whatever it was you were working on which, chances are, hasn’t even missed you while you were away.

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What small things bring joy to your life throughout the day? Happy lunching, friends!

a small, happy life: THE pencil

DSCN0851I am oddly particular about my writing implements. I’ve always been a fan of writing things down by hand, and I must say that I’ve become a little bit snobbish about how I do it over the years. Just so you know the full extent of my particularity: I prefer a Bic Soft Feel Medium clicky pen to any other type of day-to-day pen. I prefer these Staedtler triplus fineliner felt tipped pens for some colorful to do lists every now and then, and for writing thank you notes or addressing envelopes I obsess over the beauty of the Pigma Micron Archival pen in 05, which, just fyi, was an absolute joy to address wedding envelopes and write wedding thank you notes with. I will never again use another pen for letters or thank you notes to friends and family.DSCN0873

But this pencil. OH this pencil is my favorite above all other writing utensils.The stainless steel Zebra M301 0.5mm pencil writes like a dream. With its thin, sharp lead, I come close to tearing through my piece of paper when I write. Does that deter me? No way. The sharp line keeps my writing neat and tidy, and its skinny, sleek form makes me feel like a secret agent, or detective, or someone very important. I use it for adding events to my planner, jotting down notes, and especially when writing things down for my patrons at the library. Book titles? Let me jot that down for you. Library Card Number? Written in a jiffy. Call Number for a book? Penciled in. This guy is my partner in crime at work, and it makes my life a little bit more organized because I sure do love to write with it. I would rather have just this one pencil than all the others in the world. Cheers to you, pencil. You make my small life a little bit happier.

Do you feel as passionately as I do about your pen? I also feel very strongly that there is nothing better than a brand new Sharpie, but that’s a whole other post to look forward to. You lucky reader you.

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