please excuse me.


Please excuse the interruption to your regularly scheduled sunny day blog posts. We’ve had a little bit of a hit (literally) in our house that has really disrupted my blogging routine. I got into a little car accident last week. Little because baby Charlie and I are totally fine, but my car isn’t quite so okay. The lack of a car has tied me to Mike’s schedule, and once we’re together, it’s really hard for me to find the motivation to write rather than spend time with him. I used to do my writing right when home from school. It’s a nice way to unwind before he gets home from work. Alas that time is gone for now. So excuse me while I try to figure out our new schedule which hopefully won’t last for too much longer. Girl needs her own car.


little things this week. 

a few little things that brightened my week and the memories that go with them.

1. this goodwill find…

because it just fits my prego belly & those buttons make it perfect for nursing post-baby.

2. this stovetop snack…

for making a weeknight feel like the weekend.

3. this mason jar bottle…

for making our jars even more multi-use.

4. this week’s read…

because books about book-lovers are the best.

5. this crackly banana bread

for making this week’s pregnant pauses so much yummier.

& a few other little things from around the web:

made me laugh.

on the meal plan.

want to read.

eclipse, in pictures.

to watch.

npr & truckers.